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Seventy Three Creations produce graphic and website design with performance for your business at its very heart. When we take on a design project – web or print – the first thing we do is not to start sketching.


You tell us what's on your wish list and we listen. Then we dig a little deeper to discover what  your business needs and discuss what methods and strategies are best suited to you that will start attracting new customers and increasing revenue.


Our design processes are built around you and what your business needs and our ultimate goal in any project is always the same as yours – more customers for you. No matter what the project – website design, company literature or complete branding we work with you collaboratively to build the tools your organisation needs to be successful – and profitable.






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Steve was a great asset as he took our ideas and created a visually engaging document that didn’t detract from the information we were communicating.


Websites that shine AND convert visitors.

Sure, it's important that your website is beautifully designed and is a fitting portal to your business. But your site is also a potential goldmine, one that is often overlooked. A big part of the development of your website is ensuring you have the tools in place for your site to:

Attract Potential Customers

Explain Who You Are

ENABLE VISITORS TO Understand Your Product or Service

Generate Quality Leads

Instil Trust in Your Customers


These are just a handful of the areas we look at when exploring the strategies that will transform your site from an attractive window display into a 24hr Sales Workhorse! If you are looking to refresh your site, our first task is to analyse what's working on your website and what improvements could be made to increase it's performance.


When reading about web design, there a certain things that crop up again and again; user-friendly, functional, experience, usability, attractive. Nothing wrong with any of those things, for sure they are all very important but what is too often forgotten about in all of this is, is that nasty four-letter word – SALES (okay five letters). For the vast majority of websites, it's most important role is – or should be – sales.


Think of the last 5 websites you visited. You may or may not have liked the site, and you may or may not visit again. But did any of those sites actually know you had visited? Or did they let you wander off, possibly finding a competitor? Chances are, it was the latter. An 80% chance to be precise, because that's how many websites fail. Fail to generate leads.  Fail to convert those leads into sales. And that's just not good enough. Why employ a salesperson who can work for you 24hrs a day and 365 days a year and then let them spend their time scratching their backside? If you sell automatic backside scratchers, we'll let you off!


We offer a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT so before you ask us to create a single pixel on your site, take advantage of this great service which is FREE and comes with no obligation to purchase. You're busy so our audits get straight to the point, no unnecessary technical jargon. Just a detailed but concise report outlining what you can do today to increase the profit your website generates.


From there, it's up to you. If you have any questions we'll be happy to assist you. Or you can pass it on to your current web developer to action the highlighted areas.


Good websites don't cost you money – they MAKE you money.

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Seventy Three Creations have been wonderful! Really fast and really adaptable to a changing brief! I have nothing but good things to say about Steve and his work.

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Video DIDN'T kill the radio star. And the internet and digital media has not killed print – FACT.


It's no secret that many businesses are moving much of their marketing budgets to web based forms. But  printed marketing still play an important part in any marketing campaign. There are many reasons for this – a lot of people simply react better to physical media. They enjoy the ability to see it at one glance without having to scroll an online ad. Printed ads include graphics alongside text so that the reader can reference the image whilst reading.


And embracing the value of printed media is not about ignoring digital and social media. Research shows it takes, on average,  8 contacts before a new customer trusts you enough to be persuaded to buy your service or product, and the response is even more effective if they have had multiple types of contact, not just from one medium. As an example email marketing campaign can be converted into more sales by following up with a brochure in the mail.


We've been designing for over 20 years, most of those two decades have been designing for print. We still have a real passion for designing quality physical materials. Your brochure or magazine will be something you are proud to show your customers. Leave that sales meeting or important pitch knowing you have left your prospects a physical reminder of your company's quality and professionalism. Our passion lies in being a small part of making your business more successful. Your brochures, magazines, presentations or leaflets WILL be gorgeous, but they will also perform the function they are intended to – to help create new leads, convert more clients, increase the value you give customers and make more profit for your business.

BREAKING NEWS: Print is not dead!

Seventy Three Creations did a brilliant job of absorbing the brief, building on ideas, and achieving a fast turnaround - a perfect example that developing good design is as much about effective communication as what you see on your screen. Recommended.


Steve is a graphic and web designer who

loves a challenge, an adventure, good design,

happy clients, music and crackers with cheese!

(not necessarily in that order)

Oh. This is the bit where you want to read about me, right?...


Okay, so I don't have any industry awards of any note (actually none at all, note or otherwise). But I do have a badge to prove that I'm 'Best Dad' so, technically, I am award-winning. I have, however, duly noted that the 'award' stopped short of saying ' the world' so I'm not sure of the geographical reach of the accolade. Postcode I expect.


My creative flare first began at the age of 4. I found a green biro (who has green biros?) lying around and I  couldn't find anything to write on. That's when I discovered the best material for writing on – leather! (honestly, try it). Leather sofa to be specific. Brand spanking new leather sofa to be even more specific! Spiral after spiral of green, ink-based creativity. It was a work of art.


My mum was so delighted she cried for days. Dad? He was surprisingly quiet. He was probably coming to terms with having an artist in the family. After that there was no stopping me, I'll spare you the details of the masterpiece I simply called 'Bogey Sculpture' – incredible, even dad loved that one!


The rest, as they say, is history. Which is just another way of saying 'Let's get to the point.' I've always been driven by creating things. Anything. I just like to start with nothing and then see what happens. No real surprises there, I imagine that's the case with all designers. But keeping things new is also important. So when I started working for myself I found a whole new universe of 'new'. An environment where I can make sure nothing ever gets stayed or boring. I love problem solving and constantly finding new and better ways to do something. And the excitement of trying it out. You know, like the excitement of finishing 'Pen On Leather' and you just can't wait to show someone!


My motivation these days, whatever the project, is bringing true value to my clients. Brochure, branding, website; whatever it is I'm creating for you, the pretty pictures come second (gasp!). What's more important is that the design not only looks good, it works hard too. My solution to building a successful website for my clients isn't just something that looks fantastic, it's a website that attracts quality leads and repeat visits to your site.


So hire me, I'm pretty good. And award-winning!


We've used Steve on many jobs, and he continues to provide an excellent service.
Thanks Steve, we will be using your services more in the future!

“Think left and think right and think low and think high.

Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try”

Dr. Seuss


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